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Holding Yourself Accountable

Holding Yourself Accountable

with Tim Melanson

I was on Tim Melanson's podcast last year and immediately knew that we shared the same mission to help others make the most of independent, flexible work.

Tim is the Host of the Work at Home RockStar Podcast, a Self-Improvement Podcast started in 2015 with more than 250 guests interviewed, over 35k listens. In the year 2000, Tim earned a degree in computer science and started working as a software developer for a large telecommunications company... and then the tech bubble burst. After 8 years at that company surviving round after round of layoffs, you'd think that would be enough to break his spirit, but he had a secret weapon. His passion for music and entertaining allowed him a side hustle playing gigs. He was laid off from his company just before the company went out of business and rather than find a new job, he decided to work for himself. Tim created the podcast after 7 years of false starts, mistakes, failed ventures and finally finding his groove. He strives to create the resource that he would have used to avoid so many of his own mistakes and one that would have fast tracked his road to success. He noticed that running a band and a business had a lot of common ground and he developed what he calls the "Work at Home RockStar Formula". Which is the framework for his show. Tim is the founder/owner of Creative Crew Agency, which is a one stop shop web development agency offering branding, web design and development, managed website hosting, tech support and maintenance.

Learn more about Tim at and checkout his podcast

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The Hustler's Manifesto
The Hustler's Manifesto Podcast
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